Below are my favorite websites providing regularly updated data on the COVID-19 pandemic. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions for additions/improvements.


Dr. John Campbell’s excellent daily video updates on Youtube!

Our World In Data

Interactive data visualizations of COVID-19

COVID-19 Dashboard by Johns Hopkins University

United States:

CDC Tracking US Cases and Deaths by State

NY Times US County Map

The COVID Tracking Project


California COVID Tracking

California COVID-19 Hospitals

NEW!!! California becomes biggest U.S. state to launch virus contact-tracing app

California Notify AppAdd to your phone starting on Thursday, December 10, 2020!!!

Sacramento, California area:

Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboards (updated on weekdays)

Folsom Cordova Unified School District (updated every Wednesday)

Various Articles/Information:

COVID in Kids: The Most Telling Symptoms

12/31/2020 NEWLY RELEASED COVID-19 guidance by the UK government

COVIDAge Risk Calculator by EveristHealth – What’s your risk level?

Is The COVID-19 Vaccine Vegan?

Bloomberg Global Vaccine Tracker